gooseberries before weeding

Gooseberries before weeding

I had to force myself to take this picture, it is so unsightly. However, it is fantastic for comparison with the *after* weeding picture below:

gooseberries after weeding

Gooseberries after weeding

You wouldn’t have known they were there before, would you? What I’ve learned:  no wonder people who have large/enormous tracts of land to keep weed-free resort to Roundup weed-killer:  It took me all day to de-weed just along this row of red raspberries, a couple of red currants, gooseberries, peaches, and a couple of blueberry bushes–not a greater length than, say,  50ft. by about 5 ft. wide. I did notice the bluebirds watching me closely–as soon as I moved, one would swoop down and make off with a freshly exposed earthworm! I also saw our fox close-up, around 2PM, in the middle of the day. Mr. Fox made off with an old 1/2 banana, after nosing around in our compost pile, and deftly left out front, easily fitting through our deer fence!

Peaches after de-weeding and transplanting blue borage

Peaches before finishing de-weeding


Invasive Vinca under Flowering QuinceThe front of our 10-bed “mini-farm” in Western Sonoma County, faces the road, behind a beautiful, tangled mess of flowering quince bushes.  Unfortunately, the miniature invasive vinca has invaded. This plant overtakes and chokes out native California plants.  Here is a before and after shot:

After vinca removal