Harvesting & Processing

Fresh Bounty of the Garden

How about that? We are swimming in tomatoes–the little orange cherry tomatoes are especially tasty, and we are making gallons of tomato sauce to freeze for winter.

Purple and Yellow potatoes

A Variety of Potatoes

lemon cucumbers

Lemon Cucumbers

tomato harvest for sauce

Tomatoes for sauce

unpeeled carrots

Carrots Harvested from Bed 0

These carrots are teensy:  they’re close to microscopic! I planted them as companion plants around last year’s tomatoes in the Southern 1/2 of Bed 0. Guess what I learned ? Carrots are biennials! Do you know what this means? It means that if you want decent sized carrots, you have to wait another year! (And, as a bonus, your plants will go to seed and you’ll be able to collect seed for planting). This is similar to my experience with parsnips, which are also biennial, and with curly-leaved parsley.

Peeled carrots

Peeled carrots from Bed 0

OK. For all that effort, I got 3 lbs. 1-1/4 oz. of carrots from 50 sq. ft. after ~1 year. You have to rinse the carrots many times (to get rid of the silt), and then peel them, before you can eat them.  This was ridiculously (~1-1/2 hrs) time-consuming. However, they do have a strong taste, quite unlike the water-y or no taste carrots at the market. What to do with them next? Ideas: Blanch and freeze in 8 oz. servings for future use. Carrot cake…