For planning what crops will go into which bed, it behooves me to keep track of what starts are currently in our greenhouse:

  1. 9 DiCicco broccoli starts transplanted into 4″ sq. pots from “Oldies but Goodies” lady (purchased from Andy’s market ~7 April 2010); rest went into Bed 0 — this shd. take up ~15-17 sq. ft. of a bed.
  2. Purchased a dozen bush sweet pea stars today from same source as above.  Could plant these around a bamboo “teepee”, since they are bush, and not pole, sweet peas. ~5 sq. ft or so.
  3. Purchased 2 orach plants–Wikipedia say it grows 2-4 ft., so I’ll leave about 1 ft. on either side of each plant. So, 2 sq. ft.
  4. Sowed a 1/2 flat of Pioneer sweet peas from seed saved in 2008 + a 6-pack of them (that wouldn’t fit in the 1/2 flat). About 118 seeds total. These are best planted in double-rows, 3 inches apart, so, assuming 90 germinate, 45 x 3 inches =135 inches, 10ft. 15 inches. So, good for running down a little longer than ~1/2 the length of a growing bed.
  5. Sowed 4 6-packs of “Bloomsdale” spinach, sold for 2006 planting by Botanical Interests. Sowed 4-8 seeds in each compartment, we’ll see if/how many germinate. John Jeavons recommends planting spinach on 6-inch centers. Assuming 24 plants, this should take up ~ 4 sq.ft (make it 5) of a growing bed.
  6. Sowed 4 6 packs of “Genovese” basil–2 seeds/compartment. Source: Botanical Interests, sold for 2007. Again, we’ll see how many germinate. These are destined for wine barrel planters, not growing beds.  Basil do way better in planters, than in the growing beds, I’ve discovered.
  7. Purchased a 6-pack of celery starts at the OAEC plant sale yesterday, that I have yet to plant. Again, John Jeavons recommends planting on 6-inch centers, so leave about 4-5 sq ft.
  8. Purchased a 6-pack of red onions at OAEC plant sale. Of course, that is always way more than 6 onion starts. Planting onions on 4-inch centers, as recommended by John Jeavons, I’ll guesstimate about 5 sq. ft. of bedspace.

In summary, have (or will have, in ~1 month-6 wks.) enough starts to cover ~35 sq ft. (+4 sq ft) + the 11 ft. 3-inches x 3 inches of peas.

So, less than 1/2 of a growing bed, thus far. Let’s plan to plant these in Bed 1, for now.