Bed 6

Bed 6 25 July 2011

Bed 6 -- The Tomato Bed, 25 July 2011

Thanks to Michael, we have a tomato bed this year. He transplanted all of the tomato starts we purchased at the Spring OAEC Plant Sale in May 2011. He also placed plastic over all of the hoops to keep the environment nice and warm to encourage good plant growth throughout our very cool and cloudy spring and summer.  These are all in flower now.


Bed 6--Before Planting 19 June 2010

Soil preparation consisted of loosening soil to ~1 foot depth with a digging fork (note: always stand on a plywood board in order to avoid compacting the soil as you work!). All of the following soil amendments are per 100 sq. ft.:

Added 9 x 5 gallon buckets = 6 cu. ft. of home-made, sifted compost. Also added amendments as per Timberleaf Soil Test Report No. 27447, Sample ID 2-10, dated 25 April 2010:  12 oz. Ag. Lime, 11.5 oz. gypsum, 2.5 oz. Sulfur, and 0.4 oz Fertibor (boron), with an equivalent amount of just the Fertibor to be added in the Fall. All of these were mixed into the top 6-inches of soil, and raked to even out the surface before planting of the “Contender” variety string bean starts from the greenhouse at 6-inch spacings.  As of 28 June, planted the leftover string beans that would not fit into this bed into Bed 5 with the corn.  This way, the string beans can use the cornstalks for support as they grow.

Bed 6: Fully planted with "Contender" string beans and Yuman sweet corn

Here we are, 20 June 2010, and a fully planted Bed 6.