Bed 5

The potato bed -- Bed 5 -- July 23, 2011

Bed 5 - "The Potato Bed" 23 July 2011

This was the “potato bed”. The front (Southern) half of the Bed was harvested ~10 August, and we got ~6-1/2 lbs. of yummy, delicious, Russian fingerling potatoes.  These are small and odd shaped and are spectacular just boiled, with their skins. I’ll be saving 2 lbs. for seed potatoes for next Spring.  Michael, my husband, planted the potato bed this Spring 2011–I don’t recall if he added compost before hand. LESSON LEARNED: Potatos are “hilled” up so the picker knows where to harvest them!!!

Bed 5 -Before Planting

Bed 5: Before planting

Here’s Bed 5 before soil preparation and planting. Note the shade cover, which is used to keep moisture in, to keep the little soil organisms happy, even whilst the bed lies fallow. Also note the CA poppies in the next Bed over (Bed 6) and in the pathway between Beds 5 & 4 (to the right). To prepare the soil, I sifted and added 9 x 5 gallon buckets (= 6 cu. ft.) of home-made weed compost,

Bed 5: After planting sweet corn

Bed 5: After planting sweet corn

12 oz. Ag Lime, 11.5 oz. gypsum, 2.5 oz elemental sulfur powder, and 0.4 oz 14.9% Fertibor boron (per Soil Test Report 27447, 25 April 2010, Sample No. 2-10 from Timberleaf Soil Testing). I then transplanted ~64 Yuman Yellow Sweet Corn (grown from seed I got from Native Seeds/SEARCH in Tucson, AZ). Now that the weather’s warm (finally!) the corn grows noticeably each day! Note that the CA poppies are gone. A huge task is de-weeding the pathways, putting cardboard down, and then wood chips onto the cardboard to help keep the weeds down. This is absolutely necessary in order to be able to work the beds!