Bed 2

Back (N end) of Bed 2--25 July 2011

Back of Bed 2 -- 25 July 2011

The rest of Bed 2.  There are 3 tomato plants, and the rest are strawberries, planted by Michael, my husband.  Thank you, Michael! Notice the mulching with rice straw. Extremely effective! Keeps moisture in the soil, keeps the strawberries from rotting, helps keep critters (like baby slugs) out of the berries, and, eventually, composts into the soil to enrich it. The strawberries are delicious! The secret to keeping them away from birds and critters: Harvest continuously!

South side of Bed 2

Bed 2 -- Front (S side) as of 25 July 2011

This is the appearance of the front of Bed 2, as of 25 July 2011.  I planted cosmos in the very front, one is already flowering. Then, there’s chard–a bit stunted, for some reason. Next, I planted “Blue Lake” bush string beans in the middle–these are fantastic! I blanch them for salads.  In the front of the picutre are a couple of zucchini in gopher baskets–necessary! My husband managed to successfully trap a gopher in this bed–no small feat!  The yellowing plant is a celery I let go to seed, in order to save its seeds.

Bed 2 Fully Planted

Bed 2 - Fully Planted

Here’s a photo of Bed 2, looking towards the South. The soil preparation included adding 2 cu. ft. (3 x 5 gal. buckets) of home-made compost, and the following soil amendments:  1.5 oz Sulfur, 7 oz. gypsum, & 0.4 oz Boron (Fertibor) per Timberleaf Soil Test Report 27447, dated 25 April 2010.

Here, you see strawberries transplanted from Bed 9 (which is way too shady for strawberries, and too close to where the birds live), then we have 5 diCicco broccoli, 3 spinach, 2 orach (the pretty maroon-leaved plants), 6 celery, and sweet peas and more miniature strawberries amidst the parsley (which self-seeded from a previous crop). Note: parsley is a biennial.