Bed 1

Bed 1 as of July 25, 2011

Bed 1 as of July 25, 2011

This is the appearance of Bed 1 as of July 25, 2011. In the front, gopher-protected area are two rhubarb plants I acquired from Tierra Farms farm-stand last year.  Immediately behind are some pepper plants, which we got from the local week-end flea market.  Also, there’s a zucchini plant (hidden behind the rhubarb on the left) and some chard. The rest of the bed is planted to sweet corn, whose seeds I saved from last year’s harvest.  The original seed was from Native Seeds/SEARCH in Tucson, AZ, who save and grow out heirloom seeds.

Bed 1 fully planted

Bed 1: Fully planted

This is Bed 1, after having single-dug it (loosening the soil with a spading fork down to 12-inch depth), de-weeding it. and adding the following:  just 3 x-5 gallon buckets = 2 cu. ft. of home-made and sifted compost, 1.5 oz sulfur, 7 oz. gypsum, 0.35 oz Fertibor (14.9% boron) as per Timberleaf Soil Test Report 27447, Sample No. 1-10, dated 25 April 2010. Here’s what I planted, from front to back in this view: 6 orange-fleshed, sweet melons (seed from Tierra Farm melons I ate); I left the beautiful flower that planted itself (and whose seed I first got from George Washington’s home, Mt. Vernon); 2 zucchini; 2 spaghetti squash; 6 Kabocha squash; 9 lemon cucumbers (round and yummy); 3 Bell peppers (starts purchased from a store); one “mystery” squash (volunteer in compost pile) that I bet is a Kabocha; 7 Kosher style pickling cucumbers; 3 volunteer tomatillos; one Russian Mammoth sunflower (only one that germinated out of 6 seeds); 10 white-seeded Tarahumara sunflowers, 4 “Bloomsdale” spinach, and yet another volunteer tomatillo (planted 6/13/2010).

Bed 1: Before planting

Bed 1: 6 June 2010, before planting

Here is what Bed 1 looked like just beforehand.  Note the shade cloth used to keep moisture in.