In the picture above, you see some Hungarian peppers harvested in October 2008, and grown from seed in Bed 6 of our 10 growing beds.

We are trying to see how much of our own food we can grow, sustainably, on our little 2.6 acre property in Western Sonoma County.  More than 1/2 the property is wooded, and will remain uncultivated. We are sharing what we learn, as we go, for the benefit of others who might be trying to grow at least some of their own food.  Note, it is not enough to simply grow your food, you must also harvest it, prepare it, and store it properly (so it doesn’t spoil). We’ll discuss how that’s done, too, as we go. Let’s begin the adventure!


One Response to “Growing our own food”

  1. Marguerite Strolle Says:

    Hi! I am a close friend of Laury Frieber. I have a very small property — 1 acre — and have thus far put in a 25′ x 50′ vegetable garden, plus a 25’x 25′ blueberry/raspberry patch. I had two existing apple trees when I moved here and have added a couple of plum trees and a couple of figs. I hope to continue to expand my home garden and get into four-season gardening. Unfortunately, with only 1 acre in a suburban setting, I can’t have any livestock. I hope to add chickens in the coming year. I am also going geothermal — getting lots of quotes. Laury suggested that I might find your website inspirational — I do!


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