Bed 8 25 July 2011

Bed 8 - 25 July 2011

Fully planted Bed 8, after mixing in 8 cu. ft. of home-made compost. Closest to the viewer are transplnated kale from Harmon Farm Supply starts. Behind the kale is curly leaf escarole that volunteered in various beds. I saved and transplanted these escarole here.  Behind the escarole is a row of Jerusalem artichoke, a member of the sunflower family.  These were volunteers in different parts of the garden, too. I transplanted them to this gopher-proof bed.  Their edible portions, the roots (fantastic ove-roasted, with a mild taste, hinting of artichoke) are delicious for gophers, too.  The far portion of this bed is sweet corn, started from seeds from the same cob as those in Bed 7.

This portion of Bed 8, in front of the kale, shows the collards (starts obtained from Harmony Farm Supply), a few butter lettuce (with the yellow-green leaves), and another lettuce variety (closest to the viewer).