Bed 4 25 July 2011

Bed 4 - 25 July 2011

Added 8 cu. ft. of home-made, sifted, kitchen-waste compost to this bed before planting.  The front is planted with lemon cucumber starts acquired from the OAEC (Occidental Arts & Ecology Center) plant sale in May.  Although these took a long time to get started, we are now (12 August 2011) experiencing a veritable “lemon cucumber bonanza!” These small, round, yellow (when ripe) cucumbers are delicious raw in salads–they really do look like lemons when ripe! I also transplanted pickling cucmbers (immediately behind). However, I did not harvest most of these in time, and they grew to be giant and turned orange! Also, I did not have my act together to make pickles–I wanted to make the salty, dill kind you used to be able to reach down in a big barrel to get in old “deli”-s. For that, I’m still looking for the right barrel/pickling jar with a lid you can weigh down to keep the pickles submerged…  Behind those are pumpkins and squashes of various sorts, also from OAEC. I planted cosmos on the sides, for decoration. A volunteer runner bean, whose ancestry is from Native Seeds/SEARCH appears with its beautiful orange/red blossoms among the squash in back. There’s also a volunteer sunflower in the front of this bed. Along the back, I also transplanted 2 rows of sunflowers acquired from the OAEC plant sale.  At their feet (not visible) are several rows of various onions–I’ve been weeding like crazy! I swear, onions seem to attract weeds.