Bed 6--Before Planting 19 June 2010

Soil preparation consisted of loosening soil to ~1 foot depth with a digging fork (note: always stand on a plywood board in order to avoid compacting the soil as you work!). All of the following soil amendments are per 100 sq. ft.:

Added 9 x 5 gallon buckets = 6 cu. ft. of home-made, sifted compost. Also added amendments as per Timberleaf Soil Test Report No. 27447, Sample ID 2-10, dated 25 April 2010:  12 oz. Ag. Lime, 11.5 oz. gypsum, 2.5 oz. Sulfur, and 0.4 oz Fertibor (boron), with an equivalent amount of just the Fertibor to be added in the Fall. All of these were mixed into the top 6-inches of soil, and raked to even out the surface before planting of the “Contender” variety string bean starts from the greenhouse at 6-inch spacings.  As of 28 June, planted the leftover string beans that would not fit into this bed into Bed 5 with the corn.  This way, the string beans can use the cornstalks for support as they grow.

Bed 6: Fully planted with "Contender" string beans and Yuman sweet corn

Here we are, 20 June 2010, and a fully planted Bed 6.