Bed 7: Fully planted

Here is Bed 7 after a hard day’s work, fully planted with 58 “Green Zebra” tomatoes I grew from seed I saved, and 2 “Pineapple” tomatoes purchased from Andy’s from “Oldies but Goodies.” They are spaced 15-inches apart.  To prepare this bed, I sifted 9 x 5 gallon buckets of weed compost (= 6 cu. ft.); spread the compost on the bed’s soil and sprinkled the following soil amendments, as per Timberleaf Soil Testing Sevice’s Report No. 27447, Sample ID 2-10, dated 25 April 2010: 12 oz. Ag Lime; 11.5 oz gypsum; 2.5 oz sulfur and 0.4 oz Fertibor (boron).  After sprinkling, I mixed all these into the top 6 inches of the soil with a spading fork, and proceeded to transplant my tomato starts.

Bed 7: Before planting