Bed 4 -Fully Planted

Bed 4 -- Looking South, fully planted with potatoes

Each little hillock you see in this bed has a piece of potato buried 6-9 inches deep. Furthest away, towards the South and away from the little orange tree, are 25 sq. ft of Burban Russet seed potatos, then 50 sq. ft. of little, organic, red potatoes purchased at Bohemian Market in Occidental–these I treated w/sulfur fungicide like Shake N Bake in a plastic bag; the last 25 sq ft. closest to the little orange tree are planted with yellow fingerlings (purchased at Raley’s and also treated w/sulfur fungicide powder). I’m hoping these turn out to be my very favorite, Russian fingerling. I also interplanted sweet peas (Pioneer variety, started from seed in our greenhouse about a month ago), and direct-sowed a 5 foot length of Red Scarlet Runner Beans harvested in 2008, with the original seed from Native Seeds/SEARCH in Tucson, AZ. Finally, in the area closest to the orange, I planted 4 lemon cucumber starts and 4 cantelope starts.  I’m trying companion planting this year–I read in “Carrots Love Tomatoes” that beans, peas, and squash are good to interplant with potatoes.

Perhaps the hardest work was the bed preparation. I’m afraid I’ll have to delay the details to a later post, since I left the binder that has all of that information in it in the garage, and it’s late, cold, and raining. The good news is:  The potatoes are planted!