Bed 2 Fully Planted

Bed 2 - Fully Planted

Here’s a photo of Bed 2, looking towards the South. The soil preparation included adding 2 cu. ft. (3 x 5 gal. buckets) of home-made compost, and the following soil amendments:  1.5 oz Sulfur, 7 oz. gypsum, & 0.4 oz Boron (Fertibor) per Timberleaf Soil Test Report 27447, dated 25 April 2010.

Here, you see strawberries transplanted from Bed 9 (which is way too shady for strawberries, and too close to where the birds live), then we have 5 diCicco broccoli, 3 spinach, 2 orach (the pretty maroon-leaved plants), 6 celery, and sweet peas and more miniature strawberries amidst the parsley (which self-seeded from a previous crop). Note: parsley is a biennial.