Here’s the status of the items listed in my 8 April 2010 blog:

  1. Have yet to compose letter for soil test report and to mail in the soil samples. Hopefully, will get to this on Monday, 4/12/2010
  2. Much to my consternation, I cannot locate my jar of Hungarian poppy seeds!!!! Will keep looking…
  3. After a humungous amount of de-weeding (by hand & trowel, with gardening gloves on, of course) of the border next to Bed 0, nearest the swale, transplanted 6 beautiful marigolds in a ring under the Santa Rosa plum tree, and another 6 in a row, before the first peach.
  4. De-weeded the strawberry bed (=Bed 9). What a chore! Had to de-weed the pathway around it, too. Michael mowed the weeds in that part of the deer-fenced in garden today, too.
  5. While de-weeding Bed 9 (currently “the strawberry bed”), I noticed that some strawberry plants were doing well, whereas the majority had rotted/dried out and died. I used to think it was the poor soil. Now, I realized it has to do with drainage. This is the one growing bed that was not graded to be level. A level growing bed is essential, so that water drains down to the roots of each plant, instead of draining down to some plants and rotting out their roots by too much constant moisture. Before cultivating and further preparation of this bed for spring planting (I purchased 4 new strawberry plants at Western Farm Supply, for instance), it will be necessary to pull the strawberry plants in there already, re-grade the bed to be level, and only then proceed with bed preparation. Items 6.-9. — see above.