unpeeled carrots

Carrots Harvested from Bed 0

These carrots are teensy:  they’re close to microscopic! I planted them as companion plants around last year’s tomatoes in the Southern 1/2 of Bed 0. Guess what I learned ? Carrots are biennials! Do you know what this means? It means that if you want decent sized carrots, you have to wait another year! (And, as a bonus, your plants will go to seed and you’ll be able to collect seed for planting). This is similar to my experience with parsnips, which are also biennial, and with curly-leaved parsley.

Peeled carrots

Peeled carrots from Bed 0

OK. For all that effort, I got 3 lbs. 1-1/4 oz. of carrots from 50 sq. ft. after ~1 year. You have to rinse the carrots many times (to get rid of the silt), and then peel them, before you can eat them.  This was ridiculously (~1-1/2 hrs) time-consuming. However, they do have a strong taste, quite unlike the water-y or no taste carrots at the market. What to do with them next? Ideas: Blanch and freeze in 8 oz. servings for future use. Carrot cake…