Apart from preparing/eating the fennel harvested from Bed 0 (our bunny, Attila, adores the fennel fronds), I’ve more or less completed all of the chores listed on April 6, 2010.  Here’s my action item list:

  1. Compose & print out cover letter for soil test, package and mail in 3 soil samples for this year’s soil test reports.
  2. Sow Hungarian poppy seeds in the greenhouse.
  3. Transplant 1 dozen pretty marigolds purchased today.
  4. De-weed Bed 9 (strawberry bed)
  5. Cultivate/single-dig Bed 9 as much as is practicable
  6. Amend Bed 9 with compost
  7. Transplant 4 new strawberrry starts into Bed 9
  8. Cover with cardboard around strawberry plants, and later with rice straw, so ripe berries don’t rot by touching moist ground
  9. Plant garlic and shallots in rest of Bed –Garlic are great companion plants for strawberries (keep bugs away).