Broccoli in Bed 0

Bed 0: Planted w/28 DiCicco broccoli starts

OK. After having finished de-weeding the Southern 1/2 (~50 sq. ft.) of Bed 0 today, I “single-dug” (e.g., loosened 1 ft. down w/a spading fork) this portion of the bed and added ~5 x 5 gallon buckets (a bit more than 3 cu. ft.) of home-made wonderful compost (e.g., black gold). I then transplanted 28 diCicco variety broccoli starts (from “Oldies but Goodies”, a local lady who delivers starts for sale to Andy’s market). These are spaced 15 inches apart, except the closest row to the front which is spaced 12″ from the previous row.

Netted broccoli for bird protection

Bed 0: Broccoli starts are now safe from birds

You’d think I’d have been finished by now, wouldn’t you. But, while I was transplanting the broccoli starts, the birds were fighting amongst themselves as to who would get to decimate all those wonderful, tender, broccoli leaves first. Don’t think I didn’t see and hear them! So, this is war! I placed the netting immediately after transplanting the starts, to save them from the birds!