Another planting season is upon us.  Instead of using binders to keep track of my gardening/farming activities, as I’ve done for the past 4-5 years, this year I will start something new: blogging!

So, today’s goals are:

  1. De-weed Bed 4
  2. Take before & after pictures and post these on the No Worries site
  3. Harvest the fennel from the Southern side of Bed 0, prepare the fennel for dinner tonight
  4. De-weed the Southern side of Bed 0.
  5. Single dig the Southern side of Bed 0.
  6. Take soil sample from Bed 0.
  7. Compost Southern side of Bed 0.
  8. Finally, transplant the 18 broccoli di Cicco starts I purchased yesterday from Fiesta Market (Wildwood Farms) on 12-inch centers or 15-inch centers, as recommended by John Jeavons.