Bed 0: Southern Half: Before De-weeding

OK. This is the only bed that I got partially planted in the Fall with cover crops–in this case, the pretty cereal rye in the Northern half of the bed, which is getting ready for its spring growth spurt.  The nearer/Southern half of this bed used to be planted with tomatoes (which, BTW, did not do very well last year due to our rather cool and cloudy summer, and late frosts). I *thought* I had planted carrots around the tomatoes for companion planting (e.g. the eponymous book, “Carrots Love Tomatoes.”) Somewhat to my consternations/surprise, what I had planted, in fact, were fennel! Well, their seeds do look alike, and I guess I managed to get fennel seeds mixed in with the carrot seeds! So, it is time to harvest the fennel, de-weed the bed, prepare it for planting, and transplant the 18 DiCicco broccoli starts I purchased yesterday. On 15-inch centers, that should take care of approx. 25 sq. ft, or the Northern 1/4 of the bed.  I’ll pick up an equal number of broccoli starts at the OAEC plant sale this week-end (assuming they have broccoli starts!)