Bed 4 before de-weedingHere’s Bed 4 (the middle one, right in front of the little orange tree) before I proceeded to de-weed it, in preparation for spring planting.

Here’s Bed 4, several hours later, after I’d succeeded in the de-weeding!

Although you couldn’t tell at this scale, the two plants I left in the bed are potato plants. I left those to remind me of  2 things: 1) The right time to plant potatoes is NOW, in the Spring, not inf the Fall (as my hubby did in this bed, with essentially no results, except to kill the tops of the plants with the cold weather of winter, and 2) Now that is is Spring, I’ll purchase some of my favorite varieties of organic potatoes (e.g. Russian fingerlings, German Butterballs, etc.) and plant this entire bed with potatoes!