April 2009

NW 1/2 of Bed 8

NW 1/2 of Bed 8

As of 13 April 2009, I have transplanted a few soybeans, several double rows of “Pioneer” sweet peas, alternated with double rows of Bibb lettuce, and a few green onions. I direct-seeded a couple of dozen radishes and some carrots. All of this into the lower 50 square feet of this bed. It was necessary to go through the tedium of bird-netting, since nearby sparrows (and other birds?) will decimate all tender young (and not so young) plants!  In the left background, you see the beautiful California poppies in bloom, planted under the Granny Smith apple tree, under which only weeds grew until just a few years ago. Since this bed is meant to be planted with sweet corn, these are just spring “catch crops” until it’s hot enough for the corn to be planted. Thus, no amendments were added prior to planting.  I did add 2 cu. feet of Fox Farm Planting Mix to this 50 sq. ft., though.


Bed 0: North end plated with "Contender" String Beans

Bed 0: North end planted with "Contender" String Beans

This bed, Bed 0, used to have strawberries growing in it for ~ 3 years. The Northern (closer) half had sundry crops, such as “Pioneer” sweet peas, cilantro, tomatoes, spinach, lettuces, and Hungarian poppies, as well.  As of 31 March 2009, the Northern half of Bed 0 was amended w/5 x 5 gal. buckets ~ 3 cu. ft. of our home-made compost, as well as with 1 lb. agricultural lime; 0.85 lbs gypsum; 0.25 oz (all I had left, instead of 2.25 oz) Mn2SO4; 0.45 oz Fertibor (14.9% Boron).   “Contender” string beans, which were sown in a flat on 1-inch centers in the greenhouse on 3/8/2009, were transplanted onto 6-inch centers, on 3/31/09 and 4/1/09, as pictured above.  The Southern half of this bed, Bed 0, will be planted with tomatoes.