Our “No Worries Mini-Farm” consists of 10 5′ x 20′ growing beds, of which 6 are gopher-proofed. By that, I mean my husband, Michael, excavated each of these down 2 feet, covered the excavated pit with 1/2 inch galvanized “hardware cloth”, sewed the seams together with galvanized wire, stapled these to the redwood 4-inch x 4  inch posts, which, themselves, are attached to redwood beams that rise about 1 foot above the ground. Gophers do not get into these beds!

Bed 7 as of 20 January 2009Here, you see our Bed 7, as of 20 January 2009.  It is currently planted with about 4 or 5 varieties of onions (seedlings obtained from Occidental Arts and Ecology Center, during their Fall Plant Sale), some kale, and broccoli at the far end.  The job now is to de-weed the bed! I’m learning that one *must* mulch around onions to deter weeds. Also, a California poppy is a “weed” in this bed.  The poppy will be transplanted to another portion of the garden (probably near the stately old Granny Smith tree, where there are other poppies already). Stay tuned for the “after” picture of Bed 7.